Benefits of Video Production for Businesses

Ninety percent of all information that is transmitted to the brain is visual, as the below video states. People today are even more accustomed to being visually entertained even when shopping. So it is important that business owners adapt to the current trend and make use of video clips to promote their businesses. There are a number of places on the Internet to showcase your business with a professionally produced video – video by Full Frame Productions.

 In today’s virtual world the business that can’t be found online will suffer because of lack of exposure. A newspaper or phone directory ad just isn’t enough anymore to compete in today’s business world. Just some of the benefits include:

Video Equals More Exposure

More and more people turn to the Internet first to look for the type of business they need. The phone directory has taken a back seat to just Googling “car lots,” for instance. With all the varied sites on which one can post video clips, a business can get so much more exposure than from just one website, or from the more traditional advertising methods. YouTube, buzzfeed, paid video ads, clips on the business’s Facebook page, all of these increase exposure to your business exponentially.

Because humans are visual creatures, and because virtual businesses limit the customer’s ability to see and touch the product, a video clip of what they can expect to receive will go a long way to persuade customers to buy. For instance, RV parks: Any traveler on the road in an RV, whether they are full-timers or a family on vacation, wants to know where they will spend the night, the weekend, or the winter. So they search the Internet for RV parks in the target area. Photos are nice, but those sites that have video clips giving a panoramic view of the park have an edge over the ones that just give basic info.

Creative Control and Authenticity

Internet marketing is by nature an impersonal way to do business. It’s radically different from the old days when the store owner was your neighbor and you patronized his store as much for the conversation as for the shopping. If your business is one of service—doctor, insurance agent, attorney, etc.—a video clip of you describing what you can do for the customer and extending a personal invitation to utilize your service will give the seeker a feel for the kind of person they will be dealing with.

The consumer takes a risk when ordering a tangible item over the Internet. Will it be as described? Was that photo doctored to make the product look better than it is? Are there any dents in that used car? A walk-around video clip of the item will give the potential buyer more confidence that they are getting what they desire.

Reach more people

Believe it or not, there are still adults out there who are functionally illiterate. They may not be able to read your entire advertising copy, but they can watch a video clip and learn whether or not what you’re selling is what they wish to buy. In addition, you’ll be reaching the Gen X’s and Z’s who pretty much live online. Many video sites also allow a link to the clips to be shared on social media or in an email. When you have a satisfied customer, ask them to share your video clip with their friends.