Best Examples of Flawless Video Production in Sydney


It is no secret that corporate-style video production continues to trend and evolve. In fact, you can find several award-winning video production companies in Sydney. From brand videos to corporate videos to commercials to event videos to animation videos, there is always something new and exciting on the horizon.

If you want to narrow down the list of choices, focus on video production companies that offer all-in-one services. Over the years, there have been so many intuitive video marketing and social media campaigns in Sydney.

Once brands witness the results from professional video marketing, it becomes relevant to create even more creative content for the target audience. For the sake of inspiration, here are some of the best examples of creative video production:

Full Frame Productions 

Video production from Full Frame Productions combine visual animation and on-site footage in their Office of the Children’s Guardian video. It is an effective way to get the message across the board and figure out more ways to convey information to the target audience.

The video serves as more of an initiative than a standard set of instructions. It uses subtle animation tricks to explain “how” the check expires and “why” it deserves your attention.

Fat Salmon

Fat Salmon is another renowned video production company in Sydney. Although the firm has an exclusive team of experts, it strives for perfection in all videos’ scripting, visual effects, animation, and shooting processes.

Fat Salmon creates different types of videos but mostly focuses on commercials and explainer clips. And one of their best and famous videos is Tinder Music Marathoner. The video is about the launch of Tinder’s Festival Mode.

As a production partner, Fat Salmon’s ambition to scale up the production and bring life to each frame shows. The video highlights how people can connect between different states and dates. The fast-paced editing of the video also creates a unique environment and aligns with the spirit of the music festival.

Motion Lab

As far as animation goes, Motion Lab is one of the best video productions firms you can find in not just Sydney but in Australia. The company is famous for its 2D animation, character animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics.

Motion Lab also creates informative and high-quality videos to raise awareness. For instance, take a look at Motion Lab’s Kids Help Line animated video. It explains why kids should practice social distancing and take other measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Since the video caters towards tweens, it uses an empathetic approach to communicate the relevance of the information. The video is short, creative, and comes across as an abstract from a painting. Plus, the transitions are smooth and impressive enough to entice attention from the start.

Story Machine

Another Sydney-based video production company on the list is Story Machine. The company solely focuses on live video production. Over the years, the firm has rendered elegant and world-class production services for major brands, networks, and agencies. 

 Story Machine has a massive portfolio of finished projects related to branded content, TV commercials, online commercials, event video, and documentary-style videos. For instance, their approach to the launch of the Nespresso event video stands out.

Although the video is a little over 30 seconds, it doesn’t feel rushed for a moment.  Apart from the swift editing, the video’s cinematic footage, high visual contrast, ambient lighting, and contemporary background music elevate the bar of production. 


The last video on the list is from another fast-growing video production company in Sydney. Chello focuses on a strategic approach to realize the full potential of an idea.  It offers brand, content, and campaign strategies on top of its video production services.

Moreover, the firm provides professional animation, design, and digital design services. In a span of few years, Chello has managed to cover innovative startups to premier brands in the world. One of their launch event videos on the Volkswagen stands out. 

The aim of the video was to localize the brand, and Chello combines African voices and Basketball to highlight the mid-range cars. Plus, the electric textual graphics works without distraction and perfectly captures the essence of the launch event.

Final Thoughts

As new technologies emerge and unique production processes come into the picture, you might see a new wave of video production competitiveness in the coming years. In Sydney, you have more than enough options to opt for the best video production services.

In fact, some video production agencies offer world-class services. Whether you want explainer animation videos, commercial videos, launch event videos, testimonial videos, corporate videos, or branded videos, you can count on the expertise of professional video production agencies.

The key is to tell the story of your brand rather than mimic other projects. Despite what type and style of video you want to create, collaborate and communicate with your video production firm to create something new and exciting for the target audience.